How did Unbound Merino start?

Unbound Merino was created by three lifelong friends. We spent our high school days taking road trips across America to see our favorite bands. Every time we came home, all we could think about was saving enough money for the next big adventure.

It didn’t take long until we turned our sights on the rest of the world. Like many seasoned travelers, we were drawn to the incredible natural benefits of Merino wool. The fabric was perfectly suited for travel, but it was typically designed as high performance outdoor activewear, with flashy logos and unnecessary embellishments. Sure, it performed great on a hike, but we wanted something that did that and also looked great at a restaurant, in a museum, at a rock concert and out on the town.

After years of researching, designing, and prototyping - we partnered with industry leaders to create the most stylish, versatile and highest performing Merino wool clothing that’s made specifically for travel and everyday life.

Our purpose is to create simple, high performance clothing that is versatile enough for any occasion.

Today, Unbound Merino is worn by countless fellow travelers all over the world. Our clothing is designed to help pack and own less so you can focus your energy on the experiences that matter most. Our promise is freedom through simplicity.

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